WCPP Announces SmartScan App for Apple iPhone

The Wellesley Cancer Prevention Project is excited to announce our new free iPhone app that helps you identify healthier choices for everyday items in your shopping cart.  We call it SmartScan and it is the only current app that enables you to Scan a product barcode and go. We are introducing this free on-line mobile application to allow families to immediately learn more about ingredients in the products they consider before they buy them from food to fertilizer to make-up; thus enabling them to make more intelligent choices.

WCPP SmartScan

Scan a product barcode and go - it’s easier than ever to know what is in the products you buy. Here is how it works: SmartScan checks ingredients against the SmartScan database of “potentially hazardous substances”, and ingredients that match the blacklist are given a “hazard rating” derived from the NFPA704 standard, California Proposition 65 list with some gaps filled in with Wikipedia resources. If no harmful ingredients are found, an “All Clear” notice is displayed.

“As one of the beneficiaries of last year’s Turkey Trot, our Board of Directors discussed the best use of the funds for the benefit of our community in your ongoing efforts to reach more people quickly with helpful health information, which is a core part of our mission. Instead of printing old-school style flyers, we decided an application for smart phones could better provide quick and easily accessible research on healthy products” commented Theresa Keresztes, Board of Directors with the Wellesley Cancer Prevention Project.  The result was an application that is apparently the only app that tells you what ingredients are potentially unsafe or harmful - from the supermarket to the hardware store.

We are pleased with the results and especially impressed with the two former Wellesley High School students; Davis Foster and Nicholas Perretti who worked tirelessly to bring our idea to life completing the app in record time for their Senior project last spring.  We are grateful for their timely efforts, dedication and level of professionalism. “Working with Davis and Nick was like working with seasoned technology consultants whom I have worked with during my career in technology and they are just getting started!  We wish them all the best at the Rochester Institute of Technology where they have begun their Freshman year.” said Linda Griffith, President of the Wellesley Cancer Prevention Project.

To download SmartScan to your iPhone or other Apple device and learn more about the app pictured above, you may access it here in the upper right margin of our home page @ www.wcpponline.org

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