Our Board of Directors

Sadanand Gite, has worked in Medical Device industry for over 20 years focusing on cancer and infectious disease diagnostics. He is the Director of Scientific Research at First Light Biosciences and authored more than 30 peer reviewed publications and 15 patents. He joined the board of WCPP in 2016 and is passionate about the cancer prevention using various strategies including life style changes and wants to bring awareness to common people. Sadanand has Ph.D. in Biotechnology and has completed post-doctoral training in MIT. Recently, he completed his MBA from Babson College.

Linda Griffith and her husband Graham chose to raise their two children in Wellesley 31 years ago, and highly value efforts to sustain Wellesley’s environment. Working as a Director in Marketing Programs, Communication and Business Development for various technology companies globally, Linda focused on healthcare applications, education and targeted initiatives or events to increase public awareness. For the last 10 years, as a volunteer, Linda has worked as an elected Officer and a member of the Long Range Planning Committee for the Quonochontaug Central Beach Fire District in Rhode Island to develop and execute policies and practices that will help sustain the natural resources in this beach community. As a recent breast cancer survivor, and the daughter of an ovarian cancer survivor, Linda brings to the Wellesley Cancer Prevention Project a desire to increase the awareness, participation and knowledge of Wellesley residents regarding actions they can take to protect the community from environmental factors that contribute to cancer.

Theresa Keresztes, a breast cancer survivor and founder of My Girls Skin Care, non-toxic OTC skincare line for people with compromised, sensitive skin resulting from medical treatments such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy. After her diagnosis at the age of 40 shortly after the birth of her son, Ms. Keresztes became more aware of healthier lifestyle choices that deal with nutrition and exercise and about a potential causal relationship to cancer.  After treatment, she was asked to join the WCPP board due to her interest in prevention and dedication to providing comfort to people undergoing treatment.  Theresa holds an MBA from Babson College’s Olin School of Business and a Bachelor of Arts from Fordham University.

Kevin Leach, has worked in cancer research and the pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years.  He is the Vice Principal of Non-Clinical and Translational Medicine at Spring Bank Pharmaceuticals and has authored several peer reviewed publications and patents.  He joined the board of WCPP in 2017 and is passionate about the possibilities of not just improving care for cancer patients, but preventing cancer through education and life style choices.  Kevin received his Ph.D in Biochemistry and Biophysics from the Medical College of Virginia and was a post-doctoral fellow in Biological Engineering at MIT.

Patrick Rafter, is Principal and Co-Founder of Rafter Communications, a consultancy that provides public relations, marketing, social media and content services and programs for innovative technology, healthcare, environmental corporations and nonprofits. He and his wife Sheila moved to Wellesley Hills in 1993 and are the proud parents of three “children”: Twins Olivia and Liam (21 in 2016), and Eliza (13). Patrick is a cancer conqueror having been diagnosed and treated for a rare Ewing’s Sarcoma of the skull when he was 40 years old. After his cancer adventure (at Dana Farber/Brigham & Women’s Hospital which included two craniotomies, 15 months of in-patient chemo and 6 weeks of daily radiation that gave him his distinctive shiny bald pate)—Patrick has since been active as a patient advocate, booster and fundraiser for cancer nonprofits (PMC, Partners Research Accelerator Program, American Childhood Cancer Organization, Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, The Julie Fund, and others). A graduate of Tufts University, Patrick grew up in San Francisco, Washington, DC, Tunis, Tunisia, and Rome, Italy. Rafter is honored to join the WCPP and hopes to put his expertise in PR, public education, events, speaking, online media, and fundraising to help advance the great work and mission of the Project.

Leslie Tellalian, is the Director of Lifelong Learning at the Boston University School of Public Health.  She is a multiple cancer survivor who has been addressing this disease for over twenty years.  Through her experience she has developed a keen interest in better understanding the potential environmental, chemical and genetic determinants of cancer, and the importance of nutrition, physical and mental well-being in maintaining a healthy life.  Leslie is very happy to be working with WCPP and the community to develop programs that support better understanding of all of these factors, increase awareness and share preventative initiatives.  She resides in Wellesley with the best group of supporters – her husband, Haig and their four children ranging in age from 10 – 17 years.


Advisory Board

Cheryl Colbert
Amy Collins M.D.
Sarah Little, Ph.D
Richard Morse
Viola Morse
Alice Shabecoff
Philip Shabecoff
Peter Solomon
Amanda Zarle
Sarah Frost Azzam