Below is a list of resources to consider on the topic of cancer prevention, cancer causing agents, screenings, self-exams, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and how to cope with a cancer diagnosis:

What to Expect During Your Prostate Exam

Skin Cancer Screening: What to Expect

The Metastatic Breast Cancer Project

What to Expect During, Before, and After Radiation Treatment
This is a series of short, informative videos that share exactly what to expect throughout the process of radiation treatment.

What are the Short and Long Term Side Effects of Chemotherapy?

Cancer and Amputation

Managing Phantom Pain in Sobriety: A Guide for Amputees

Mesothelioma Prevention - How to Prevent Asbestos Cancer

Asbestos: What You Need to Know When Buying, Selling or Remodeling

Cancer Causing Agents - Carcinogens

Coping with Cancer: 10 Steps Towards Emotional Well-Being

Confronting a Terminal Diagnosis as a Family

The Conversation: A Guide to Talking About End-of-Life Arrangements with Your Loved Ones

Additionally, our alliance partners that include non-profits and groups with a similar mission are listed below to enable the sharing of ideas and support of common initiatives that better our environment, health and community.

Alliance Partner Groups

Partner Group Local, State or National Partner Link
TURI State
The Friends of Brookside Local
Wellesley Hills Junior Women’s Club Local
Healthy Wellesley Local
Wellesley Garden Clubs Local
Silent Spring National
Safe Cosmetics National
Wellesley Health Dept Local State
Alliance for Healthy Tomorrow National
Beth Israel
Mass General Hospital
Tufts Medical Center
Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Newton Wellesley Hospital & Vernon Cancer Center Local
Council of Wellesley PTOs Presidents Local
Science & Environmental Health Network National
Healthcare without Harm National
Green Decade Newton Local
Sustainable Wellesley Local
Wellesley Mothers Forum Local
Mass Climate Action Network State
Wellesley Free Library Local
Environmental Working Group National
Mass Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC) State
Wellesley Interfaith Group Local
EPA Northeast Regional


Health and the Environment Links

The Ultimate Green Shopping Guide -
Women’s Voices for the Earth -
Safer Chemicals/Healthy Families -
Healthy Child Healthy World -
Environmental Working Group - Cutting Edge Research on Health and the Environment 
 - (Includes the link to the Safe Cosmetics interactive website, used in our Personal Care Products seminar.)
Environmental Health Perspectives – Information about environmental exposures that may affect health. References to use of products -
Environmental Health & Toxicology -
Center for Disease Control -
The Silent Spring Institute
The Massachusetts Health and Environment Information System
Toxics Use Reduction Institute 
Toxics Action Center - Cleaning Up and Preventing Pollution 
Skin Deep: Cosmetics Safety Database produced by the Environmental Working Group -
GoodGuide: Green, Healthy & Safe Product Ratings & Reviews
Healthy Food Pledge
Green Guide for Healthcare
Eat Wild: The following farms and ranches have certified that they meet Eatwild’s criteria for producing grassfed meat, eggs and dairy products. Find a farm near you @

Cancer Links
American Cancer Society 
American Institute for Cancer Research 
Breast Cancer -
Cancer Support Community -
Mesothelioma Guide - Your trusted ally in the fight against asbestos-related cancer; guides mesothelioma patients to better health care options and to find a cure -
Multiple Myleoma Research Foundation -
Prevent Cancer Foundation -
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation 
The Cancer Prevention Society 
Prostate Cancer Research Institute -
Prostate Treatment Guide -

Pesticides Links
Basic Guide to Pesticides: Their Characteristics and Hazards -
EPA - Office of Pesticide Programs 
Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides -
Pesticide Action Network -
Pesticide Action Network Pesticide Database -
Pesticides Research Report: Do Pesticides Cause Lymphoma? -
Wellesley Pesticide Awareness Campaign -
The Environmental Working Group’s website regarding Pesticides in Food, including a guide to Produce: -
Meat Eaters Guide: Know where your meat and dairy come from -

Directories of Chemicals and Other Toxins Links
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) -
Lindane Education and Research Network -
National Antimicrobial Information Network - Oregon State University and Environmental Protection Agency -
Massachusetts Department of Agriculture: Pesticides -

Environment - Land and Water
Charles River Watershed Association - Protecting the Charles River -
Greenpeace -
Massachusetts Audubon Society - Protecting Massachusetts Nature -
Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group -
The Nature Conservancy - Preserving the Earth’s Last Great Places -
The Sierra Club - Protect the Planet -
The Trustees of Reservations - Conserving and Protecting Land -

Chemicals in Personal Care Products Links
Skin Deep: Cosmetics Safety Database produced by the Environmental Working Group -
Just a Pretty Face: A website produced by Stacy Malkan, the author of the book with the same title -
Organic Divas: A website devoted to the premise that not all personal care products are equal -

Other Links
Art because - Funding Research into the Environmental Causes of Breast Cancer -
Co-op America - Using Consumer and Investor Power for Social Change -
Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility -
Pan Mass Challenge -
We Can Row - A Wellness and Recovery Program -


  • Not Such a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry - Stacy Malkan
  • Tiny Game Hunting: Environmentally Healthy Ways to Trap and Kill the Pests in Your House and Garden - Hilary Dole Klein and Adrian M. Wenner
  • No Family History: The Environmental Links to Breast Cancer - Sabrina McCormick
  • Living Downstream: A Scientist’s Personal Investigation of Cancer and the Environment - Sandra Steingraber
  • Our Stolen Future: Are We Threatening Our Fertility, Intelligence, and Survival? A Scientific Detective Story - Theo Colburn, Dianne Dumanoski, John Peterson Myers
  • Building a Healthy Lawn: A Safe and Natural Approach - Stuart Franklin
  • Silent Spring - Rachel Carson
  • Dead Daisies Make Me Crazy: Garden Solutions Without Chemical Pollution - Loren Nancarrow, Janet Hogan Taylor
  • Organic Pest Control for Home and Garden - Tom Roberts
  • Basic Guide to Pesticides: Their Characteristics and Hazards - Rachel Carson Counsel Inc.
  • Poisoned for Profit “How Toxins Are Making Our Children Chronically Ill” - Alice and Philip Shabecoffe