Participate and Volunteer

The WCPP was founded in 1997, and received our non-profit status in 2003. Our mission is to raise awareness of the relationship between environmental issues and the incidence of cancer, with the goal of reducing health risk factors for the community. We have also found that, through our website and social media fan base, we have reached beyond our community.

Recent forums include topics on environmental links to cancer, safe cosmetics, nutrition in children and its effect on development, plastics exposure, acupuncture and its complimentary benefits to western medicine and chemicals found in our food and water to name a few.

Additionally, our new Meals2Heal meal delivery service is a new service for our community that differs from the frozen meal delivery programs in that meals are prepared fresh by local area restaurant partners and delivered by WCPP volunteers.  We have teamed up with Newton Wellesley Hospitals’ Nutrition Department to promote this service to people undergoing treatment in our community and encourage volunteers to contact us with their interest in participating as drivers and/or program coordinators.

We encourage individuals interested in the environment, health and community to participate on our Board or become a volunteer so that we can increase the number of programs we present to the community and become more active in promoting our mission.