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A New Meal Delivery Service for Wellesley Cancer Patients Has Arrived !!

WCPP is different from many other cancer charities in our focus on prevention; the healthiest, cheapest, most effective cure for cancer is to not contract it in the first place.  Our diet has a very significant impact on our risk for many types of cancer, so WCPP will sponsor a series on eating well, for health. This new series is intended to increase the awareness and practice of healthy eating to help reduce cancer risk in the general population and to promote the health of those in treatment.  WCPP will lead this effort working with the help of volunteers from several non-profit groups in Wellesley and restaurants to deliver fresh and local meals to Wellesley residents currently undergoing treatment.

Beginning this May, you may order meals via telephone or in person at Susu Bakery and Captain Marden’s and a WCPP volunteer will provide a fee meal delivery service between the hours of 11:30 am-4:30 pm, Monday-Friday.  During the month of June, National Cancer Survivor Month, The Local will also provide this service with specials for cancer patients and their families and meal delivery from WCPP sponsored volunteers.

Please refer to menu items below and contact a WCPP volunteer to deliver your meal after you place your order using the volunteer schedule below.  If you should like to volunteer with Meals 2 Heal, please email only 1-2 hours per week is required!

Healthy suggestions:

Captain Marden’s : Salmon & Arugula Salad                                                                                           The Local: The Local Harvest Salad ( baby kale, roasted sweet potatoes, red grapes, toasted hazelnuts, pecorino, citrus vinaigrette)                                                                                     Beet & Arugula Salad ( goat cheese, pistachio, honey vinaigrette)

 View menu                                              View menu                                                                       View menu

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The Procedure for ordering is below:

  1. The cancer patient or their family or friends will place an order with the restaurant and request delivery of that order and give payment information.
  2. The restaurant will offer that delivery service via WCPP volunteers, such as yourself.
  3. The restaurant personnel will contact you on your contact number and let you know who the patient is, and their telephone number.
  4. Then you can contact the patient and let them know that you will be delivering their meal and get the address.
  5. The meal will have been paid for by whomever orders the meal, so there is no need for you to collect any money.
The expectation is that the order will be delivered within an hour or less to the patient preferably within 30-40 minutes unless they have otherwise requested.

What is Meals2Heal?

Meals2Heals is a meal delivery service made possible by partnering with local restaurants to supply fresh meals to people undergoing treatment. Our meal delivery service differs from the many meal services available that require a login to a website to order pre-packaged meals prepared in advance by national meal service companies. Often, these meals pile up in a cooler at the doorstep as the family cannot eat or store the amount of meals they receive.  Friends and family may also become overwhelmed with the coordination needed to help provide meals.  The WCPP will expand our meal delivery service this Fall to neighboring communities and is excited about the support that the Newton Wellesley Hospital Vernon Cancer Center Nutrition Department has offered to help promote this new service to our community!  

5th Annual Recognition Award & Reception – November 4th 7-9 pm

Please join us to recognize this year’s Wellesley Cancer Prevention Project’s Award winner; Dr. Howard Koh, professor of the Practice of Public Health Leadership at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health for his work in the area of cancer prevention.

Wellesley Cancer Prevention Project's 5th Annual Recognition Award Winner
Dr. Howard Koh

Dr. Koh was a Professor at BU Medical School back in the 1980’s where he co-directed one of the few courses in Cancer Prevention given at the graduate level at that time. By 1997, Gov. William Weld appointed Koh the Commissioner of Public Health for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, a position he maintained until 2003. During this time he was a champion for tobacco control, secondary prevention of cancer, newborn screening, suicide prevention, global public health initiatives and organ donation. From there, he became a Professor at the Harvard School of Public Health before becoming Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Services at HHS in Washington, DC from 2009 to 2014. His responsibilities included promoting cancer control, nutrition and exercise, adult immunization, environmental health and climate change, women’s health, adolescent health, behavioral health and substance abuse, health literacy, multiple chronic conditions, organ donation and epilepsy.

Refreshments and beverages will be served in the Wellesley College Club Council Dining Room to the sounds of a jazz trio and pianist. Please let us know if you will be joining us by Oct. 28th via