A New Meal Delivery Service for Wellesley Cancer Patients Has Arrived !!

WCPP is different from many other cancer charities in our focus on prevention; the healthiest, cheapest, most effective cure for cancer is to not contract it in the first place. Our diet has a very significant impact on our risk for many types of cancer, so WCPP will sponsor a series on eating well, for health. This new series is intended to increase the awareness and practice of healthy eating to help reduce cancer risk in the general population and to promote the health of those in treatment. WCPP will lead this effort working with the help of volunteers from several non-profit groups in Wellesley and several restaurants to deliver meals to Wellesley residents currently undergoing treatment. Beginning in May, both Susu’s Bakery and Captain Marden’s will provide this free delivery service, with the assistance of WCPP volunteers from the hours of 11:30 am-4:30 pm, Monday-Friday. During the month of June, which is National Cancer Survivor Month, The Local will also provide this service with specials for these patients and delivery from WCPP sponsored volunteers. This collaborative effort is one way to reach out to these residents undergoing treatment.

To volunteer with meal delivery, please email only 1-2 hours per week is required!