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Sara Frost Azzam, Chairperson
Kathy McGraw Bentley
Susan Hoffman
Elizabeth S. Homa
Jeffrey Mickelson
Richard Morse
Viola Morse
Peter Solomon
Amanda Zarle


Sara Frost Azzam has been touched by cancer through both of her parents: Her mother is a breast cancer survivor and her father died of multiple myeloma.  She is the mother of two children and joined the WCPP because of her desire to see cancer prevented in their lifetime.  She has written many articles for the Wellesley Townsman on the subject of chemicals: in pesticides, dry-cleaning, personal care products, and water.  It is her conviction that educating the public about the steps that individual people can take will bring about change in what we put into and onto our bodies, thus preventing cancer in future generations.  Sara has a Master’s degree in English Education, and she is an elementary school teacher.  Her husband is in the solar energy business, another area which involves finding a better lifestyle for future generations.

Susan Hoffman is a mother of 5 children and grandmother to 6 grandsons and she wants to protect them so that they will be able to live lengthy, healthy and productive lives. She believes that there is an intimate connection between health of our bodies and the integrity of our air, land and water. It is her conviction that increased awareness and action is the answer to preserve the well being of our environment which supports this committee’s goal and mission to prevent cancer, a disease that has challenged us all. With a background in nursing, she is passionate about wellness and she is also reminded daily of how the health of our land is inextricably tied to our own and she believes that the WCPP can be a touchstone for future generations.

Elizabeth Homa is currently pursuing a PhD in Environmental Engineering, and has lived in Wellesley with her family since 2001.  Her work has allowed her to research and present papers on water quality modeling.  Elizabeth has a strong interest in educating the public about environmental risks linked to cancer and and strongly believes that increased awareness and the reduction of potential toxin sources in our lives will lead to a healthier population.  

Jeffrey Mickelson has worked in the field of environmental protection for more than 15 years as an attorney and a regulator.  As a result of his background, Jeff recognizes the link between exposures to various chemicals and increased health risks, including cancer.  Jeff believes it is critical to provide members of our community with the information necessary to allow for informed decisions concerning activity and lifestyle choices and their related health risks.  Jeff is an avid gardener and has lived in Wellesley with his family since 1992.

Richard Morse is a cancer survivor who has been involved with WCPP from
its earliest days. Living in Wellesley since 1984, he is convinced that the environment
is not being protected from carcinogens and other health hazards. Interested in promoting
health-conscious decisions by citizens and government, he wants WCPP to inspire
decisions that preserve and protect our health and the environment, suggesting
"when in doubt, rule it out!" Richard works in the development office at Tufts University
School of Medicine and holds a masters degree in health care management from Boston University.

Viola Morse, one of the co-founders of the WCPP, has lived in Wellesley since 1984 with her husband Richard and two children, Alex and Julie. A passionate believer in the power of education and awareness, she believes that much of the cancer we see today is a result of environmental toxins that many of us are unaware of. Viola has an MBA and an extensive background in communications and health care marketing along with non-profit program management.

Peter Solomon has lived in Wellesley since 1990 when attending graduate school at Babson College.  With a long time interest in environmental issues, his involvement in the organization was brought about in 2002 by concerns over his then three year old daughter’s interest in nail polish and the related health considerations.  Peter has a broad professional background covering the fields of finance and environmental services and currently works in Wellesley doing business development for AccuCOMP USA, LLC.

Amanda Zarle has spent the past 7 years living in Wellesley with her husband, two childrenand golden retriever. Her interest in cancer prevention stems from her father's diagnosis with a very aggressive form of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in February of 2007. What unfolded over the following months was both difficult but also very promising. Thankfully we live in a time where many forms of cancer are treatable (if not curable) but the ultimate answer will be in preventing cancer all together.  Her involvement in the organization began in 2007 with the hope that her experience as a marketing consultant will help WCPP spread the word and educate the community on how to prevent cancer where possible. Amanda works at the advertising firm, Boathouse Inc., and has a Masters in Business from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management. 


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Rev. Martin Copenhaver
Larry Kaplan, M.D.
Sarah Little, Ph.D
Kathy Taylor

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