The Wellesley Cancer Prevention Project (WCPP) is a non-profit organization that promotes educational and public safety activities regarding the environment, the incidence of cancer, and health related issues.

Wellesley Cancer Prevention Project (WCPP) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan group that studies the relationship between cancer and the environment in the suburban setting with the goal of
reducing health risk factors for the citizens of Wellesley and our surrounding communities. The Wellesley Cancer Prevention Project was founded in 1997 and advocates for public and private policies to reduce cancer risk.

Viola Morse, co-founder of the Wellesley Cancer Prevention Project (WCPP), is a cancer survivor. Both she and her husband, Richard, were diagnosed with different kinds of cancer within six weeks of each other. Since cancer is not always the result of lifestyle or hereditary attributes, Viola became interested in exploring whether there was something inherently risky in the environment. Viola, Cheryl Colbert and Kathy Taylor, all Wellesley residents who have been closely touched by cancer, founded the WCPP in 1997 to study the links between cancer and the environment, with a specific focus on what could be contributing factors in Wellesley or with the lifestyles practiced in an affluent community.

Our goal is to reduce health risk factors for families of Wellesley and surrounding communities.

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