Join Us For Spring Bird Walks!!

Join our experienced leaders on a spring bird walk!

The Wellesley Conservation Council invites novices and experts on Sunday mornings in May and June to look for migrating birds at the most promising sites of the day.  Bring your binoculars, guide books and waterproof footwear!  Meet in the parking lot at the corner of Cameron and Washington Street, next to the main library at 8 a.m. except for our Mother’s Day trip (May 12th)  to Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, when we will meet at 7 am.

Following are the dates of the Spring Bird Walks: 

  • May    5   8 a.m.              Judy Nackoney     
  • May  12   7 a.m.              Viagra online sales Alice Cestari (Mother’s Day )                                     
  • May  19   8 a.m.               Dan Kemp
  • May  26   8 a.m.              Ian & Natalie Star
  • June  2    8 a.m.              Jim& Karen Pugh
  • June  9   8 a.m                Alice Cestari
  • June 16   8 a.m.              to be announced

Join us this spring!

Open Garden Tours, Build A Troll and Fairy House…all brought to you by the Wellesley Conservation Council

Sunday, May 12 we will have open garden tours, 2 - 4 with a dedication ceremony of a Memorial Bench to honor Mr. and Mrs. Cronk who donated this wildflower garden to the Conservation Council in 1977.

Wellesley Conservation Council
Wellesley Conservation Council

Saturday, May 18, Elementary School Children and their families will join us to build a special Troll and Fairy House at Pickle Point Sanctuary, along Morses Pond  during Wellesley’s Wonderful Weekend. The Council will take you on an annual walk along Morses Pond to Pickle Point Sanctuary.  On arrival at Pickle Point Sanctuary the children will choose a tree and next to it build their own Troll and Fairy House with natural materials gathered along their walk.

The children had a great time last year and their creative houses endured for a long time!  The wish of the Council is to expose the children to nature’s wonders and have fun at the same time. Meet at 1:00 pm at Cochituate Aqueduct (RussellRd. /Kendall Rd.) The event is free!  Refreshments will be served.

 Sunday, May 19th  WCC will be marching in Wellesley’s Wonderful Week-end Parade.  Look for us!

For information please contact: or call: (781) 237-6125

Power to $ave!

Power to $ave! - Wellesley’s Sustainable Energy Committee, Municipal Light Plant and National Grid are offering Free Energy Assessments to Wellesley Homeowners.

Call 781.235.7600, or visit the Town of Wellesley Website. An Energy Specialist will evaluate your entire home at no cost or obligation to you. Learn how to save energy, reduce costs and improve your home’s comfort level. Don’t miss out, act soon!

New Government Breast Cancer Report Calls for Focus on Prevention, Study of Environmental Risk Factors

A report out this morning by the Interagency Breast Cancer and Environmental Research Coordinating Committee (IBCERCC) highlights the need for increased funding and research of the various chemical and physical factors that may contribute to breast cancer, as well as the potential for cancer prevention, not just diagnosis and treatment to decrease both the incidence of cancer and healthcare costs. This is the third federal cancer panel report to highlight the unrealized potential for cancer prevention.

11 Silent Spring reports are cited in the Interagency Breast Cancer and Environmental Research Coordinating Committee (IBCERCC) report, read more here:

and here at Silent Spring:


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You Drink It, You Swim in It, You Survive on It…It’s Time You Knew the Truth about Water


“Necessary viewing for anyone who drinks water.” — IndieWire

Thursday February 28, 2013, 6:30 PM, Wellesley Free Library, Free and Open to the Public

Discussion with members of Wellesley’s Department of Public Works and Natural Resources Commission following the film

Presented by

The Wellesley Cancer Prevention Project, Friends of Brookside, Friends of Morses Pond, Sustainable Wellesley and

Wellesley Free Library

Come at 6:15 for sandwiches and refreshments

Film will start promptly at 6:30PM

Registration is encouraged through EVENTBRITE

WCPP Splits Thanksgiving Turkey5 Proceeds with Newton Wellesley Hospital’s Integrated Services Program

As a result of funds raised at this first time Turkey5 Thanksgiving Day road race, the Wellesley Cancer Prevention Project split race proceeds earmarked for the WCPP which totaled $15,200, with the Integrated Services Program provided by the Vernon Cancer Center at Newton Wellesley Hospital. Their program consists of important support programs during and after treatment delivered by experts dedicated to providing care for cancer patients and helping them to live life as normally as possible despite their cancer diagnosis.

Linda Griffith, President of WCPP, a cancer survivor and patient at the Vernon Cancer Center, said, “We are very pleased that the race was such a success and that we are able to make a substantive donation toVernon Cancer Center. The Wellesley Cancer Prevention Project considers Newton-Wellesley Hospital a valued alliance partner and important local community resource.”

“We are thrilled that Wellesley’s first Turkey Trot was so successful and that the WCPP chose to support the Vernon Cancer Center,” said Patrick Jordan, Interim President, NWH. “This gift will directly benefit patients and their families as well as the dedicated caregivers at the Center.”

More on their services may be found here @

Race day photos may be viewed here @

The Wellesley Cancer Prevention Project is proud to be a beneficiary of the first annual Turkey5 which is expected to become a Wellesley Thanksgiving day tradition.  Turkey5 includes the ever popular 5 Miler and a 5K option and all cancer survivors run free.  It is one of the Run Against Cancer Events produced by RACE,, a Massachusetts non-profit which produces events to raise awareness and funds for charitable projects and organizations.


Winter Market is Up & Running!

MetroWest Medical Center Auditorium – 2nd floor, 67 Union Street, off Route 135 - Every Saturday -­‐ 9 am – 1 pm Beginning November 24, 2012 Until April 13, 2013

Fresh fish, organic meats and poultry, fresh produce, pasta, coffee, tea, breads, assorted baked goods, honey products, wine & more….

AAP Makes Recommendations to Reduce Children’s Exposure to Pesticides

November 26, 2012

Children encounter pesticides every day and are uniquely vulnerable to their toxicity. A new policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) outlines the harmful effects of pesticides on children and makes recommendations on how to reduce exposure. The policy statement, “Pesticide Exposure in Children,” and an accompanying technical report are published in the December 2012 issue of Pediatrics (released online Nov. 26). Prenatal and early childhood exposure to pesticides is associated with pediatric cancers, decreased cognitive function and behavioral problems. According to the AAP, recognizing and reducing children’s exposure to pesticides will require improved medical training, public health tracking, and regulatory approaches. The AAP recommends pediatricians become familiar with the effects of acute and chronic exposures to pesticides; learn what resources are available for both treatment of acute poisoning and addressing lower dose chronic exposures in children; and understand pesticide labeling. Pediatricians should ask parents about pesticide use around the home and yard, offer guidance about safe storage, and recommend parents choose lowest-harm approaches when considering pest control. Pediatricians should also work with schools and government agencies to advocate for the least toxic methods of pest control, and to inform communities when pesticides are being used in the area. The policy statement also makes a number of recommendations for government, including specific recommendations related to marketing, labeling, use and safety of pesticides to minimize children’s exposure.



The American Academy of Pediatrics is an organization of 60,000 primary care pediatricians, pediatric medical subspecialists and pediatric surgical specialists dedicated to the health, safety and well-being of infants, children, adolescents and young adults. For more information, visit

Investing in Prevention - The Women’s Environmental Health Fund at Silent Spring

Silent Spring Institute has pioneered the study of endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) and breast carcinogens that may affect breast cancer and other cancers. These chemicals are found in a multitude of products including plastics, cleaning products, home furnishings, fragrances, and cosmetics.  Please consider a contribution to help continue providing science that informs healthier choices, stronger public policies, and greener alternatives.  More here @