Cancer Incidence in Massachusetts

 2004 – 2008, City and Town Supplement:

The Massachusetts Cancer Registry (MCR) collects information on all newly diagnosed cases of cancer in the state. These data provide important information for monitoring the impact of environmental and occupational hazards. The data are also used when designing and evaluating cancer prevention and control programs.

Each year, the MCR issues two main reports:

  • Cancer Incidence and Mortality in Massachusetts, and
  • The City/Town Supplement.

The City/Town Supplement report provides an estimate of cancer incidence for each of the 351 cities and towns of Massachusetts for the five-year time period 2004 through 2008.  For each city and town, Standardized Incidence Ratios (SIRs) are presented for twenty-three types of cancer and for all cancer types combined.  These ratios compare the cancer incidence experience of each city or town with the cancer experience of the state as a whole.  The method involves comparing the number of cases that were observed for a city or town to the number of cases that would be expected if the city or town had the same cancer rates as the state as whole.

For more information on Massachusetts Cancer Statistics, please access the Massachusetts Health and Human Services website below:

For the most recent cancer incidence report by town Click to download



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