Turkey5 Road Race kicked off the 2013 holiday season!

The Turkey5 Road Race kicked off the 2013 holiday season with both 5K and 5Mile courses.  What a great way to start the Thanksgiving day festivities by sharing a fun run with our community and donating for good causes that help people who need it.

Turkey5 2013









Award winning runners and other race day details will be posted here and on the Turkey5 website as they become available: https://www.racemenu.com/events/33661-Turkey5

Natural Medicine: The Wellness Medicine Approach, Wellesley Free Library October 10th, 7 pm

Dr Jim Anderson

Dr Jim Anderson

You have carefully chosen cleaning products and personal care products that minimize your family’s exposure to chemicals.  You focus on a plant-based diet that increases the amount of natural fruits, grains, and vegetables your family consumes.  Have you considered wellness medicine that complements standard western medical care with the use of acupuncture?  The Wellesley Cancer Prevention Project (WCPP) and The Wellesley Free Library invite you to attend a workshop by Jim Anderson, founder of East West Balance Acupuncture.

Jim Anderson, has a Masters Degrees in both Chinese and Japanese style
Acupuncture.  Licensed by Massachusetts Board of Medicine, National Board certified by NCCOAM, and Certified through Memorial Sloan Cancer Center, Jim has provided preventative and supportive care for patients for over more than 20 years and is a
specialist in oncology treatments.

East West Balance Acupuncture, located in Natick, offers natural healing for pain
management, gastrointestinal problems, arthritis, asthma, carpal tunnel and
other ailments.

Exciting Things @ Needham Community Farm!!

There are three exciting things happening right now…..
1WIN A PIZZA PARTY: Every month of the Needham Farmers Market (June-Oct) you can win a pizza party from Stone Hearth Pizza. You can access a link to the Free Pizza Party Sweepstakes at bit.ly/needhamfarm. The link will direct you to first “like” the link on FB and then you will be prompted to type your email address to enter the sweepstakes.
2. MATCHING GIFTS: Dedham Savings has offered to match all donations made to the Farm in June and July. The information about the Dedham Savings matching program is on our blog located at http://needhamfarm.org/2013/06/04/spotlight-on-dedham-savings/. It is easy to share via email and social media directly from the blog post using the “share” button at the bottom of the post.
3. 4TH OF JULY PARADE: The Farm is participating in the 4th of July parade again this year with a “50 gardens in 50 states” theme. Last year was a lot of fun. We are looking for people who would like to walk in the parade and carry a cutout of a state with that state’s crop. Click here to learn more and to sign up. If you have questions, contact Lori Hall at lhall172@gmail.com.
Did you know that our produce is donated to the Needham Community Council Food Pantry. Your support is what enables us to do this. 

Massachusetts General Professor of Surgery (biomedical engineering) Dr. Mehmet Toner accepts Annual WCPP Recognition Award

WCPP’s Annual Recognition Award winner Massachusetts General Professor of Surgery (biomedical engineering) Dr. Mehmet Toner holds up the business-card-size smart chip detector that his StandUpToCancer-backed team designed and built to trap circulating tumor cells (CTCs) in a blood sample.

The device uses antibodies that bind to certain cell proteins to isolate and capture the CTCs. Many tumors release cells into the bloodstream; if a CTC finds purchase in another organ and starts to grow, that is metastasis. The breakaway cells are not easy to spot — there are a billion blood cells for every one of them — but detecting their presence is critical to stopping their spread.

Read more about it here @

Dr. Julia Brody of The Silent Spring Institute accepts WCPP Recognition Award

Dr. Julia Brody of The Silent Spring Institute accepts Wellesley Cancer Prevention Project Recognition Award for work focused on the connection between environmental pollutants and breast cancer.

Dr. Brody led a two-year review of scientific evidence on animal mammary gland carcinogens and epidemiologic studies of breast cancer and environmental pollutants, diet, body size, and physical activity, which was published in a special supplement to the American Cancer Society peer-reviewed journal, Cancer.

Brody’s research is supported by the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, the New York Community Trust, and the Avon Foundation, among others. Her research collaborators include investigators at Harvard and Brown universities, the University of California, Berkeley, and elsewhere. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recognized her research with an Environmental Merit Award in 2000, and she has been honored by the Heroes Tribute of the Breast Cancer Fund. She presented one of the Distinguished Lectures at the National Cancer Institute in 2002 and the Keystone Science Lecture at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in 2009. She serves on the National Advisory Environmental Health Sciences Council, appointed by the Secretary of Health and Human Services, and she is as an advisor to the California Breast Cancer Research Program and breast cancer activist organizations.

Dr. Brody is an adjunct assistant professor at the Brown University School of Medicine. She earned her PhD at the University of Texas at Austin and her AB at Harvard University.

Read more about this important research here @ http://silentspring.org/

Join Us For Spring Bird Walks!!

Join our experienced leaders on a spring bird walk!

The Wellesley Conservation Council invites novices and experts on Sunday mornings in May and June to look for migrating birds at the most promising sites of the day.  Bring your binoculars, guide books and waterproof footwear!  Meet in the parking lot at the corner of Cameron and Washington Street, next to the main library at 8 a.m. except for our Mother’s Day trip (May 12th)  to Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge, when we will meet at 7 am.

Following are the dates of the Spring Bird Walks: 

  • May    5   8 a.m.              Judy Nackoney     
  • May  12   7 a.m.              Alice Cestari (Mother’s Day )                                     
  • May  19   8 a.m.               Dan Kemp
  • May  26   8 a.m.              Ian & Natalie Star
  • June  2    8 a.m.              Jim& Karen Pugh
  • June  9   8 a.m                Alice Cestari
  • June 16   8 a.m.              to be announced

Join us this spring!

Open Garden Tours, Build A Troll and Fairy House…all brought to you by the Wellesley Conservation Council

Sunday, May 12 we will have open garden tours, 2 - 4 with a dedication ceremony of a Memorial Bench to honor Mr. and Mrs. Cronk who donated this wildflower garden to the Conservation Council in 1977.

Wellesley Conservation Council

Wellesley Conservation Council

Saturday, May 18, Elementary School Children and their families will join us to build a special Troll and Fairy House at Pickle Point Sanctuary, along Morses Pond  during Wellesley’s Wonderful Weekend. The Council will take you on an annual walk along Morses Pond to Pickle Point Sanctuary.  On arrival at Pickle Point Sanctuary the children will choose a tree and next to it build their own Troll and Fairy House with natural materials gathered along their walk.

The children had a great time last year and their creative houses endured for a long time!  The wish of the Council is to expose the children to nature’s wonders and have fun at the same time. Meet at 1:00 pm at Cochituate Aqueduct (RussellRd. /Kendall Rd.) The event is free!  Refreshments will be served.

 Sunday, May 19th  WCC will be marching in Wellesley’s Wonderful Week-end Parade.  Look for us!

For information please contact:  www.wellesleyconservationcouncil.org or call: (781) 237-6125

Power to $ave!

Power to $ave! - Wellesley’s Sustainable Energy Committee, Municipal Light Plant and National Grid are offering Free Energy Assessments to Wellesley Homeowners.

Call 781.235.7600, or visit the Town of Wellesley Website. An Energy Specialist will evaluate your entire home at no cost or obligation to you. Learn how to save energy, reduce costs and improve your home’s comfort level. Don’t miss out, act soon!


New Government Breast Cancer Report Calls for Focus on Prevention, Study of Environmental Risk Factors

A report out this morning by the Interagency Breast Cancer and Environmental Research Coordinating Committee (IBCERCC) highlights the need for increased funding and research of the various chemical and physical factors that may contribute to breast cancer, as well as the potential for cancer prevention, not just diagnosis and treatment to decrease both the incidence of cancer and healthcare costs. This is the third federal cancer panel report to highlight the unrealized potential for cancer prevention.

11 Silent Spring reports are cited in the Interagency Breast Cancer and Environmental Research Coordinating Committee (IBCERCC) report, read more here:


and here at Silent Spring: http://silentspring.org/


You Drink It, You Swim in It, You Survive on It…It’s Time You Knew the Truth about Water


“Necessary viewing for anyone who drinks water.” — IndieWire

Thursday February 28, 2013, 6:30 PM, Wellesley Free Library, Free and Open to the Public

Discussion with members of Wellesley’s Department of Public Works and Natural Resources Commission following the film 


Presented by

The Wellesley Cancer Prevention Project, Friends of Brookside, Friends of Morses Pond, Sustainable Wellesley and

Wellesley Free Library

Come at 6:15 for sandwiches and refreshments

Film will start promptly at 6:30PM

Registration is encouraged through EVENTBRITE