Research in Cancer Prevention

Hello Everyone,

We are introducing a new addition to our website that will post research publications and links to studies about cancer prevention.  These publications and links are for educational purposes only and are not recommendations.  Any person should always consult with their physician or healthcare professional before taking any actions concerning their health.

The first article we are posting is about fenretidine (4-HPR) a retinoid that has been studied for prevention of breast cancer.  You can find many articles on this compound, which characterize how it proposed to work, data in different populations, its safety and clinical results.  This paper was published in 2012, by Cazzaniga et al. from the Milan Institute of Oncology in the Journal of Biomedicine and Biotechnology and looks specifically at tumor recurrence (2nd tumor) in pre-menopausal women over a 15yr follow up period.

Here is the link to the article-


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